University housing in Bogotá lists with protocols

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University housing in Bogotá lists with protocols to avoid risk of Covid-19

The CityU university citadel will operate with a maximum occupancy of 800 residents.

The coronavirus put all sectors to implement biosecurity protocols to prevent contagion because it is not possible to keep people isolated in their homes and it is important to reactivate the economy. And that is how the university homes also had to devise their biosecurity protocol to ensure that the spread of infections does not occur in that area.

The CityU university citadel, located in the center of Bogotá near the University of Los Andes, can accommodate up to 1,700 residents, however, in order to apply the demands of the health authorities, it will reduce its capacity to 800 residents to guarantee an occupation. maximum of 50%.

Among the biosafety protocols that they proposed is the allocation of one bathroom per resident, that is, there may only be one inhabitant per apartment, however, in quadruple apartments, a maximum of two people will be allowed to inhabit it.

In the university housing complex, the temperature of the inhabitants will be taken when entering the towers , there will be protective barriers in the lobbies, disinfection stations at the entrance of each tower, a collection center for households in the commercial area, special furniture for residents' homes , disinfection points in common areas, installation of filters in the ventilation system and removal of hand dryers.

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